I wanted to share my fitness and weightloss journey with you all because it has been the core of all of the positive changes that have been present in my life over the last several months and is truly something that has changed my life. 

I apologize for my six month hiatus, I’ve missed you all and have so much to share. But I promise, I’ve been up to some great stuff!


I grew up very active, I was a multi-sport athlete throughout high school, I was never skinny but not fat, I had an athletic build and was on the curvier side. I was never very health conscious and my metabolism allowed me to eat the way I did especially while I was in sports.

Fast forward through my first year of college, moving back to my home state, going to a new college, getting into a relationship and landing my first full-time desk job, my physical health was put on the back burner.

I remember doing virtually nothing other than my full-time school schedule and my 40+ hour work week. I was unhappy, unmotivated, was not active, drained by my job, and was experiencing a high level of stress in my personal/family life. I was resorting to fast food sometimes up to twice a day, drinking almost zero water and my sleeping habits were on the fritz.


Clothes that once fit were no longer fitting, I had extremely low energy, my weight was at an all time high, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin,  simply put- I was mentally and physically at my worst.

There was no specific thing or event that happened, I just remember one day looking in the mirror and truly wanting to make a change. I wanted to treat my body better and look better, which I would soon realize would manifest into ALL other aspects of my life.

I went to my best friend and boyfriend Jordan for advice, on how to kick-start my weightloss and fitness journey and he encouraged me to start meal-prepping for myself and to make working out a priority, even with my busy schedule. Due to my schedule, we decided that my one hour lunch break was really the only reasonable time to workout due to how long my work day was and adding in my commute. We have a free-weight set up at our house, but for some reason going to the gym was an added factor of accountability that really helped me, plus all of the equipment I didn’t have access to at home. 


After the talk I had with my boyfriend, countless hours of researching, finding Youtuber’s & websites to help me with my meal prepping and workouts, I went and got a gym membership, bought some wireless headphones, and went all in. 

I started to workout consistantly for about 45 minutes, M-Th for my first month, soon after I began to workout 5 days a week. When I started going to the gym I didn’t know much about which movements do due, how to target what, and how to use most of the equipment.

I would plan out my workouts the night before, pin or save the workout video incase I needed to refer to it and the gym and use that workout to follow the next day, this allowed me to maximize my time at the gym, especially on my hour break. I began with very low weights, as I had lost most of any tone I had and was very weak. I upped my weight at my own pace, always focusing on correct form and solid pumps/reps before attempting to up my weight. You will be surprised how strong your body is and how fast it can build up a tolerance, which is why it’s important to bring frequent variation to your workouts- push yourself! You don’t want to become stagnant in your workouts or your progress!

For my diet, I cut out all fast food, with the exception of my choice of cheat meal, for the week or a couple times a month depending on how strict I was being with my diet. I upped my water take to at least a gallon of water a day. I learned how to count/track my macros (I used the myfitnesspal app), and also began intermittent fasting. My diet consisted of high protein and healthy carbs/fats (*still does*). One of the biggest things that helped me was changing my portion sizes as well as understanding moderation, its important to read your nutrition labels and understand portion size. Prepping my meals and planning ahead also saved me a lot of money on groceries! Also, if you have to eat out, try and make the healthiest choice, there’s small substitutions that can make a huge difference in your macros. 


There were so many days when I felt like I wasn’t making any progress. It did take a lot of hard work and dedication with my diet and workout routine until I saw any results on the scale or in inches. I also tried my best to take progress photos of my journey, that way I would be able to look back onto where/why I started for motivation and accountability.  I was constantly reminding myself, that small progress was still progress. I think one of the best things was when people around me started to notice my hard work. Also being able to use myself as an example to motivate others to make their health a priority and help them understand that there is NO perfect starting point. I allowed my self several cheat days a month, and off/rest days from the gym so I was/am less likely to get burnt out or hurt. 

A quote that I found that really helped me a long the way: “It takes 3 weeks for you to notice a change. It takes 8 weeks for your friends to notice a change. It takes 12 weeks for the world to notice a change.”


Little did I know that during this quest for better physical health that I would completely evolve emotionally and mentally as well. While I pushed through my workouts, it was strengthening me not only physically but mentally — every time I went, I was stronger and stronger.  I was less inclined to fall into old habits, wether they be bad sleeping habits, bad dieting habits or even falling into negative spells. I was able to channel my emotional stress and anxiety at the gym and was no longer stress eating.

I started my journey on February 13, 2018 and now six months have met my goal and lost 40 lbs. This journey has not been easy, if anything it has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but the outcome is priceless and the best part is the journey isn’t over yet! I no longer am intermittent fasting, but I do still track my macros. My diet has remained the same and requires a majority of meal prepping due to my schedule, being that I am rarely home.

I never knew it was possible to feel so good, mentally and physically. No doubt, there are still bad days, but its nothing a good pump cant fix. I am doing my best yet struggling recently to stay motivated, especially with my new school schedule, i’m hoping this post helps hold me accountable. I’m determined to start to build more muscle, I want to increase my strength and muscle definition — I’m focused on maintaining goals for myself and my body. 

My results didn’t come over night, there was no magic pill or drink- just blood, sweat, tears and well, lots of protein. I encourage you all to make your health a priority, start in small steps, move at your own pace, I promise, the benefits it brings are unbelievable. Push yourself, mainly because no one else is going to do it for you and because it feels so DAMN good! Also, your weight doesn’t define you- what defines you is how your treat yourself, how you treat others and your actions. Wherever you’re at, you’re absolutely beautiful.

Feel free to leave any questions & comments below. I’d love to hear about your experience/tips with fitness, weightlifting, dieting, etc.+ body image and positivity!

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